Regular irrigation maintenance is an investment in longevity and performance.

Irrigation Maintenance

Already have a sprinkler system? We offer service packages with levels of care to fit every property.

2 Visits

• System Start Up
• System Winterization
• 4% Package Discount

3 Visits

• System Start Up
• Mid-Summer Service
• System Winterization
• 6% Package Discount

4 Visits

• System Start Up
• Mid-Summer Service
• Late-Summer Service
• System Winterization
• 8% Package Discount

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• System Start Up
• Early-Summer Service
• Mid-Summer Service
• Late-Summer Service
• System Winterization
• 10% Package Discount

Automatic Rain services both residential and commercial properties.

Spring Start-up Service

Get the summer season started right. During start-up visits our technicians perform a detailed quality check of every sprinkler system. 

This includes:

  1. Visual inspection of valve box(s), plumbing, and backflow device.
  2. Controller activation and setting a spring watering schedule.
  3. Inspection of all valves and adjustment of sprinkler heads for proper coverage.

We ensure your irrigation system is ready for the season and make any repair or upgrade recommendations based on the inspection.

Winterization Service

Proper winterization of sprinkler systems is essential for longevity. Cold temperatures cause water to freeze and expand, cracking and damaging pipes and fittings. We use high-volume air compressors to blow out all water and then complete an inspection for any issues.

  1. Draining backflow device, turn off water supply
  2. Blow out all irrigation lines
  3. Deactivate controllers(s)
  4. Document line breaks, broken sprinklers, and other issues, if any, and note for spring repair.

Don’t risk broken pipes, valves or connection points. 

Parts and Service

Our hardworking, personable teams are trained in outdoor plumbing, irrigation technology, and hold themselves to the highest customer service standards.

We choose to use the highest quality parts, sourced from a variety of suppliers to ensure durability and performance for many years.

The technology does the hard work keeping grass green and gardens flowering, and Automatic Rain keeps the tech in top condition.

Customer Reviews

Excellent service. Highly recommend Automatic Rain. Show up when they say they will and do a thorough job.
Sarah S.
For the past decade automatic rain has looked after our sprinkler system needs with great efficiency and care. We have found them to be knowledgeable and very reliable. Very fair and a pleasure to deal with. We recommend this company highly. 10/10.
Betsy T-L.
Honest, Fair, Professional and Excellent. Repaired my line break with almost no extra cost above the turn on fee... I would recommend them hands down.
Hernan B.

Ensure your sprinkler system works at peak performance.

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