Award winning sprinkler systems for a greener world.


An irrigation system designed for your property will help provide an optimal growing environment for your specific plants, trees, and grass.

Watering lawns and gardens by hose is time-consuming, often with uneven results; plants are over-watered, underwatered, with time-of-day water waste, and missed watering.

Don’t be chained to your home or business to keep it green. A sprinkler system is like an automatic gardener. Programmed to water your plants at the right time of day, it targets the needs of specific plants, and turns off when it rains. All this saves you time and money, year-over-year.

Invest in your residential or commercial property.

Installation Process

Property Viewing

At our first visit we measure and assess your landscape and water supply, discuss your goals, and any potential obstacles.


When designing we consider optimal coverage for each garden, lawn, and type of plant, and the best combination of irrigation – dripline or sprinkler heads – for your specific property.


After approval, installation begins! Our expert technicians will have your new irrigation system up and running as quickly as possible.


We provide a full walk-through of your new system so you are familiar with its function.

We know an irrigation system is a long-term investment requiring the latest technology, highest quality materials, and finest workmanship possible.

Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controllers

Check your system status from your smart device and utilize auto-weather adjust to save water.

Hydrawise Flow Meters

Monitor and track water flow to detect issues when they occur.

Toro Precision Sprays

Imitate rain and better match soil infiltration rates for water to reach plant roots.

RainBird Dripline

Apply water directly to plant root zones and reduce water waste from misting.

All installations come with a 3-year limited warranty including one Winterization Service and one Spring Start-up Service.

Customer Reviews

We hired Automatic Rain to install irrigation system for both our front and back yards this summer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Automatic Rain to anyone looking for irrigation and service
Shaun B.
Quick response, friendly service, knowledgeable staff.
Sheila W.
They installed an amazing piece of technology that advised them via the internet that a valve was leaking. They called and advised me so that we could turn off the water and we avoided draining our well.
Neil M.

Automatic Rain is a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Our employees maintain irrigation-specific training to ensure the highest quality of workmanship for every system.

Serving York Region and the GTA

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