Year-round coverage for your outside space

Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

Automatic Rain will be there for you from the first bloom of spring, with the start-up, through the entire summer– be it the smallest repair, landscape alterations, or seasonal adjustment, until final shut-down in the cold days of autumn.

Maintenance Plans

Basic Service

A 15% Savings

Full Service

Over 20% Savings

System opening ( Spring start-up)
Turn main controller and water on to the irrigation system.  Perform a run through to check for system integrity, ie: leaks or missing heads from snow plowing.

Full System Check during start-up
A detailed check of all components including minor repairs, head adjustments, nozzle clean-out, rain sensor check and program adjustments during the above start-up.  Back-up battery replacement for the controller

Extended Parts Warranty
Automatic Rain will extend minimum manufacturers part warranty and the labour warranty  to 5 years on all parts and labour used in repairs, additions and installations.

One Mid-season Maintenance Visit (1 hr )
One visit through the summer (early July)  will be scheduled to monitor your system to ensure it will be operating at peak performance and make appropriate seasonal adjustments.

Two Mid-season Maintenance Visits (1 hr each)
One visit through the hot season (early July) and another visit in late summer (late August) will be scheduled to monitor your system to ensure it will be operating at peak performance and make appropriate seasonal adjustments.

Discounted Service Call Rate
Any labour billed for service calls or repairs will be discounted 15% off regular labour rates.

2 Hours of Included Service Calls
The Full Service plan includes 2 hours of service labour and up to $20 in parts to be used through the current year.  The most common uses are for general maintenance, emergency repairs, program changes or sprinkler adjustments.

Pick Your Schedule For Start-up And Shut-down
The Fall blow-out and the Spring Start-up will be completed on the schedule as pre-selected by the customer.  (Must be book 1 month before desired date of visit.)

Service Calls Roll Over to Next Year
Any leftover service labour not used during the current plan year will be rolled over and credited to next year’s maintenance plan.

System Shut Down (Fall blow-out)
Turn off main controller and water supply to the irrigation system.  Blow compressed air through all pipes, valves and heads of the sprinkler system.

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$239 +tax

$429 +tax

A 15% Savings

* Note: To receive this offer, you must be a pre-paid participant in one of the maintenance plans during that year.

Over 20% Savings!

There are two maintenance package options available that can save you money:

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