Don't forget to have your sprinkler system prepared for winter. Contact us for an irrigation blowout to prevent frozen lines!

A few things to know...

A custom designed sprinkler system will save you time and water over manually watering your lawn and gardens. Eliminating overwatering means no waste, no runoff, and no more forgotten sprinklers or having to water the driveway just to get a patch of grass. A properly watered lawn is also healthier and less vulnerable to stress pests or weed infestation– which inturn, reduces the need for pesticide products.

The most satisfying benefit of an automatic sprinkler system is the look of healthy, lush, green grass. With the right controller– scheduled properly, your lawn and gardens will be watered automatically so you'll hardly notice it's happened except for the beauty and vibrancy of your green space.

Remember though, living in a climate with freezing winters, your sprinkler system will need to be winterized in the fall.  Automatic rain will blow compressed air through your water lines ensuring your system will be safe and ready for the next spring

We're Automatic Rain Lawn Sprinkler Systems. If you've always dreamed of having a beautiful, lush, green lawn then you've come to the right place.



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We'll come out and take a look and discuss your property and it's particular requirements. Once we get you all set up we'll guide you through what's required as you roll through the seasons.

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Every job is different but we'd love to meet you and discuss your particular project. We also have a couple of maintenance plans to get you through all the seasons.

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Automatic Rain is a fully certified Canadian owned and operated company. We've been in the landscape and irrigation business since 1999.  Contact us today– we'd be more than happy to share our references.


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